Stick Around – Two More Movies For Arnie

Arnie210After last week’s news that Arnie’s going to be a cartoon superhero, speculation has been rife as to what other actual movies he might be contemplating. Two more have reached our ears and they are The Last Stand and The Tomb.

The Tomb is about a designer of high-tech prisons who ends up incarcerated in one of his own creations after being framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Right, so Prison Break the movie then? Bruce Willis was interested in it at one point (he probably turned it down as there wasn’t enough crawling through ventilation ducts), but now it seems that Arnie’s the man for the job. It’ll be directed by Antoine Fuqua who had his biggest success with Training Day – no stranger to thrillers there then.

The Last Stand on the other hand is the Hollywood debut of Kim Jae-woon whose previous credits include I Saw The Devil and The Good, The Bad And The Weird and will tell the story of a small town Sheriff and his rookie police force chasing a Mexican drug lord in a stolen Gumpert Apollo (yes, that’s a car, not a new type of chewing gum). That was floating around with Liam Neeson attached for a while but now it’s fallen to Arnold.

We’ll keep you posted as to which one (if any or both) he chooses. In the mean time enjoy this excellent video by Harry Hanrahan of 160 Arnie quotes: