Strictly Come Dancing: Savage Already ‘Shattered’

They’ve only been at it a week or two, but already one of the contestants of Strictly Come Dancing is exhausted.

Ex-footballer and blonde bombshell, Robbie Savage, has been whining about how tough he is finding the intense training schedule.

He said: “It’s surprised me how difficult it is. I’m just shattered. I trained three hours a day for football. High intensity, sprinting everywhere, making tackles, this is mentally draining. I still haven’t got it.â€?

Savage may have been one of the most booked players in football history, but he will have to play by the rules if he wants to make it into the Strictly final.

Dancer partner, Ola Jordan, has spoken of his efforts so far: “He works really hard and he’s in the studio from morning to evening.”


Strictly Come Dancing will kick off on September 30 on BBC1.