Stunt Goes Wrong On The Set Of Skyfall

A stuntman from the new James Bond movie Skyfall currently shooting in Istanbul, Turkey lost control of his motorcycle and smashed into a window of a 330-year-old shop in the city’s 15th century Grand Bazaar this Monday.

He swerved to avoid hitting extras while racing through the Grand Bazaar at high speed said the NTV news channel but lost control of the bike afterwards and smashed into a jewellery shop’s crystal glass window

“It is very nice for the Grand Bazaar to be chosen as a location for shooting this kind of movie. But the bazaar’s administration … didn’t notify us the shooting would be like this,” said Mete Boybeyi, the shop’s owner.

“This place is regulated by the Council of Monuments. We can’t even change our window without their permission,” he said, “No one from the movie crew came to ask ’what are your losses? We filed a complaint at the police station.”

Skyfall will be out on the 26th October, providing nothing more serious happens to delay shooting.