Sweary Racist Abuses X Factor Marcus At 2 In The Morning

It’s been a bad week for X Factor’s Marcus Collins. Yesterday it was reported that he ‘fled’ to a health spa in Milton Keynes (!) after BFF Craig Colton’s exit last Sunday and now he has suffered a nasty early morning phone-call from a racist sweary homophobe.

The recent incident which is thought to have contributed to his escape from the mansion involved the gay singer – who is mixed race – being woken by his phone ringing at 2.30am on Tuesday morning. Upon answering, he was met with a torrent of racist and homophobic abuse which almost certainly led to the singer’s retreat from the multi-million pound house in Hertfordshire.

Marcus isn’t the only X Factor hopeful being made to feel like an outsider, as Irish teen Janet is said to be furious that mentor Kelly Rowland has deserted her acts to promote her new single.

An insider suggests that she feels increasingly sidelined in favour of fellow girls Amelia Lily and Misha Bryan.

A source said: “Janet can’t believe Kelly is in Paris. If she’s not doing interviews talking about herself and promoting her album she’s off recording. She feels like she has had less than zero help from her. Kelly doesn’t think she’s cool or sexy the way the other girls are and she is trying to change Janet and make her loosen up.

“But Janet won’t and she’s being unbelievably tough. Kelly and Janet are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Janet’s operating on her own and feels totally alone in this contest.”

The remaining acts Amelia Lily, Misha Bryan, Janet Devlin and girl band Little Mix will all perform alongside only remaining male contestant, Marcus, on Saturday night.