Take Me Out Contestant Dumped By Girlfriend After Game Show Cover-Up

Young Sarah Patel has vowed to “forget about men” after her boyfriend tried to get with another bird on national television. Daniel Haden told his lady that he was away on a “three day business trip” but he was actually filming an episode of Take Me Out, a dating game show presented by Paddy McGuinness.

How on earth Mr Haden thought he was going to get away with his crime is quite frankly beyond us, but he bravely proceeded with his attempt to have his cake and gobble it as well despite some rather major planning flaws. We assume that he ran into even more difficulties after securing a date with a girl and subsequently had to explain to his bird why he was heading to ‘Fernando’s’ for a couple of days.

“Dan gave up our real love for five minutes of fame,” said Sarah tearfully, after moving back in with her mum. She also told The Metro that she wouldn’t be watching the episode which airs on ITV tomorrow night.

Meanwhile Mr Haden justified his outright bastardry by saying: “I’d wanted to go on Take Me Out for ages and when I was asked I could not say No. I felt bad lying to Sarah but it was not about meeting someone new. I just wanted to be on TV. I hoped she would understand. I am sorry I have lost her over this.”