Take that, Jordan & Alex! (R.I.P) Pete Hints At Reality Show With Elen Rivas

With love’s young (cold and cynical) dream Jordan and Alex Reid so over, celeb land has been looking a bit thin on crap celebrity couples of late. Sure there’s… um Chantelle and Rav (that beefy bloke off of Crimewatch) aka ‘Chav’, and er… Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu; but what we all really (don’t) want is a verging-on-Z-list couple to take the reins once more and build a bridge that will mend the shattered hearts left behind by the devastating split that was Jordan and Peter.

Step in: Peter Andre (that’s one half restored already then) and his new money-maker, sorry, girlfriend Elen Rivas, who may well be the stars of a new ‘fly on the wall’ show coming to our screens very soon.

Luckily, the pair like nothing more than to pose for so-obvious-it-hurts staged photos in cafes with heart decorated windows (as pictured above) , so we’re sure they’ll take to a reality show together like ducks to water.

Says Andre in his column for New! magazine: “Filming on my reality show is going great, but I’ve actually just had a meeting about a new TV show that I’m launching later this year.â€?

So far, so vague, but a source and friend of the couple let slip that Elen wants them to progress in their relationship. In ordinary civilian terms, this means perhaps giving your other half the key to your flat, but in celeb land, this of course means giving cameras access to your every move.

Apparently, the source said Elen is keen for their romance to stay public, saying: “She’s even raised the subject of a reality TV show with him.â€?

Ah, young love eh? Brings a tear to the eye…