‘Take The First Left At The Council Estate And Get Lucky’: Wagner Voices Sat (Wag) Nav

Here at OTB HQ, we’ve been waiting with baited breath to discover what X Factor living legend Wagner’s next career move will be. Truly, it’s the stuff that keeps us awake at night; will he go for a hair straightener empire perhaps (did you see his hair before the show makeover?), or how about a ‘Wagner’s love lessons’ series? (we’ve all seen that hunky lion picture, and just imagine the sweet nothings that were whispered to Chloe Mafia before the two hooked up. Which he denies, darn it…)

But alas, it is neither of these brilliant money making schemes. In fact, apparently the most logical thing to do next if you’re Wagner is to voice a sat nav. Obviously. (Er, really?)

The £3.99 download has been lovingly dubbed the Wag-Nav (ah, there you go; makes perfect sense now) and is due on sale later this month.

Wag-Nav witticisms include: “Take the ferry ahead. Can you swim?” and, “congestion charge – that’s daylight robbery.”

After his infamous bust-up with Cheryl Cole over her background, let’s all just refrain from asking Wag-Nav directions to council estates in the Newcastle area…