Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Sings New Single ‘5 Seconds’ On Loose Women

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who a while back released her self-penned album Flawed, has performed her new single 5 Seconds on Loose Women.

The former reality T.V. show contestant, drug addict and tabloid favourite Denise Welch, along with her Loose Women co-presenters Andrea McLean and Carol McGiffin, introduced Miss Palmer-Tomkinson, who performed a Casio keyboard rendition of her single, a frank and autobiographical ballad.

The song, the full video of which is shown below, includes the line “This heart will self-destruct in five secondsâ€? and closes with TPT counting down the aforementioned time limit in minor chords. It appears almost certain that the inspiration for the song came from some mixture of her memories of ill-fated romances, reminisces of her battle with cocaine, and watching the ending of Kill Bill 2.

Twitter and the rest of the media, unsurprisingly, haven’t been that supportive, but with the single featuring only lightly-autotuned self-written lyrics and the it-girl playing her own instrument, it’s definitely not something to turn your nose up at, though I wouldn’t blow a tightly-rolled 20 pound note on the album.
Besides, you’ve got to feel for someone who’s Google search suggestions look like this: