Taylor Lautner Joins Grown Ups 2 (!)

I’m almost convinced that Adam Sandler will the cause of the prophesised Mayan apocalypse.  After inflicting a stream of almost unbearable cack upon the viewing public last year including the repugnant Grown Ups, he’s now assembling the cast for a second outing.  And who has he snared?  None other than Taylor Lautner.

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Lautner won’t be a lead but will crop up in a “fun” role…  Sandler and co are it appears hell bent on redefining the word “fun” as well.

The usual gaggle of Sandler’s mates are already assembled with Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Maya Rudolph and Salma Hayek all returning and Dennis Dugan will again be directing.  Although “directing” is sort of a loose term for “point the camera at the pratfalling idiots”.

There’s no plot yet although that’s hardly necessary is it?  No doubt there’ll be some kind of domestic peril which leads the principals to hang out together and learn valuable life lessons.  Like gratuitous product placement and the best way to shred your dignity.

Saying that, someone’s watching them (I blame you general public) because although Grown Ups was panned by critics, it raked in $271m at the box office.  The producers are certainly savvy with their casting  – no doubt there’s a substantial amount of Lautner’s fanbase who will go to see the film solely based on his presence.  Sounds like career suicide to me.