Television Infidelity


According to research by Netflix, six in ten of us in the UK admitted to ‘cheating’ on partners by watching extra episodes of series without their significant other. Another one fifth have actually fallen out with a partner over their “Netflix infidelity.â€?

With the rise of OTT (over the top) viewing and of internet streaming services there has been a move away from “appointment viewingâ€? and scheduled TV. A quarter of couples now admit to being seduced into secretly watching a film or TV episode alone, only to watch it again with a partner without breathing a word.

Other Survey Findings Include:

*More than half of couples arrange to watch episodes of a show together. Those that break their agreement and go behind their partner’s back to watch alone, contribute to on average, two arguments a week

*Even if arguments don’t erupt, a third of respondents admitted to getting annoyed if their partner stays up to watch new episodes of a TV show instead of coming to bed.

*It also seems that fearing the wrath of their partners, 20% of us secretly watch a whole series without telling our significant others.

*24% polled said that they would re-watch a show or film after having secretly watched it already

*60% of females polled said that they would wait for their partners to not be in to watch a show they like

*Nearly 10% of males said they would ‘stream cheat’ in the loo compared to ~6% of females

*61% of women polled said that they would watch without their partners while 51% of men admitted the same