Tennant and Piper To Be Re-United In BBC’s ‘True Love’

David Tennant and Billie Piper are to appear together on new BBC drama True Love. To the disappointment of Doctor Who fans everywhere, they won’t be rekindling their extra-species romance, instead they have their own independent story lines in the new improvised five-parter from Dominic Savage.

Tennant plays Nick, a married man who pursues an old romance with his first love. Billie Piper takes the role of Holly, a teacher who is the “other womanâ€? with a married man, who finds herself attracted to one of her female pupils. They’re joined by David Morissey, Ashley Walters, and Jane Horrocks.

Whilst each episode focuses on one main character, it’s said that all of their stories will intertwine – each episode is set in the seaside town of Margate, where Savage grew up.

True Love looks to be a must see for fans of Tennant and Piper, and indeed, anybody who is interested to see how an improvised romance drama pans out.

The first episode of True Love (the one with Tennant) airs at 10.25 on Sunday night. If you’re itching for some Tennant/Piper action, you can scratch here: