Terminator 5 Director Will Not Reunite Original Cast

terminator300The Terminator 5 director has quashed rumours that he will reunite the Terminator original cast.

Justin Lin, who enjoyed huge box office success with Fast Five, is set to start shooting the fifth instalment of the Terminator films.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to return, but Lin has put pay to the rumour that Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn would return.

The filmmaker told MTV: “No. I don’t know where that came from,” Lin said. “Everything has just been between me and Arnold.

“I have certain elements, but it’s never been about, ‘Hey, let’s bring everybody back!’ I just don’t process that way.”

Line then went on to hint that he would be keen to continue the ‘timeline’ from the first two Terminator films: “To me, thematically, there are certain things that I want to see in a Terminator movie. A lot of that does draw back to creating this timeline that is an extension, closer tonally to the first and second movies.”