Terminator 5 In The Works

Terminator210The Terminator franchise is about to have its rusting metal bones raked over the coals one more time as Universal are said to be interested in acquiring the rights with a view to slotting Fast Five/47 Ronin director Justin Lin behind the camera for a fifth instalment.

The Lin connection doesn’t end there as Universal are also planning to put previous collaborator Chris Morgan on writing duties (Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Wanted).

Looks like there’s absolutely no hope that this could be any good then. Tokyo Drift for all its pretty vehicular action has a scrpt that looks like it was scrawled on the back of a toilet door and Wanted was extremely disappointing considering its star cast (The Loom of Fate anyone?).

We should point out that this is all speculation at the moment as the rights to the franchise currently belongs to hedge fund company Pacificor which acquired them at a bankruptcy auction forced on previous owners Halcyon, so if anything Universal will have to deal with the money people first.

T2 collaborator William Wisher apparently has a treatment floating about (which might be the film’s saving grace) but nothing’s been heard of that for some time…