Terry Gilliam Working On Mr Vertigo

terry210Terry Gilliam is working on an adaptation of Paul Auster’s 1994 novel Mr Vertigo.

He was at Era New Horizons Film Festival in Poland when he made the announcement but Gilliam being Gilliam it came with a disclaimer of sorts, “I got a book. It’s called Mr Vertigo by Paul Auster. Doesn’t mean it will be a film, but I’m working on a script.”

It’s the story of Walt the Wonder boy who is taught the secret of levitation by the mysterious Master Yehudi.

The two travel across the country performing this feat at circus sideshows and have to contend with the dangers of the Ku Klux Klan, the Chicago Mob and Walter’s drunken uncle, Slim.

It sounds like something that’s right up Gilliam’s street but given his run of luck with movies, a freak tidal wave or a direct meteorite strike will probably wipe out the production mid-shoot.

Let’s have a look at Mr Gilliam’s unfortunate history:

Time Bandits 2 – Script developed, principle actors died.
A Tale Of Two Cities – Collapsed due to budget and script disagreements.
The Man WHo Killed Don Quixote – Lead actor injured. Set destroyed by flooding.
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus – Severely hampered by the death of Heath Ledger.

So, failing anything unforunate happens, we’re hoping this will show up on screens with the next couple of years.