Terry Pratchett To Film Assisted Suicide For BBC Doc

Discworld author Terry Pratchett will be filming the assisted suicide of a terminally ill man for a BBC2 documentary in a bid to raise the public’s awareness of a practice which is outlawed in the UK.

Pratchett – who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2008 – will be travelling to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland with a 71 year-old man named Peter, who has elected to end his own life in the face of a painful illness.

The film, which is titled Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die, includes the actual moment when Peter passes away.

“I believe everybody possessed of a debilitating and incurable disease should be able to pick the hour of their death,” explained Pratchett. “I wanted to know more about Dignitas in case I ever wanted to go there myself.”

The discussion surrounding euthanasia has been hotly contested in Britain in recent years and a BBC spokesperson told the press that they hoped the documentary would “spark constructive debate.”

We’re sure it will…