The Bieber Reign Is Over! Oh Wait… He’s Just Been Killed Off On CSI

Sure he has silly hair, annoying songs (does Baby even have verses?) and a brattiness that makes you feel bad for wanting to hit him (well, he is only 12 or something); but do we really want to watch the Biebinator being gunned down on our screens? (um… don’t answer that)

Well it turns out the makers of CSI think so, because the pubescent teen that spawned a following of so-called ‘Beliebers’ meets a bloody end on the show.

Having first appeared on the American drama in September, bosses have brought back Bieber’s character, only to savagely shoot him dead.

But don’t worry, because CSI star George Eads assures us all that in the “contextâ€? (we repeat: context) of the show, “he deserved it.â€?

In the episode titled A Target of Obsession, Bieber’s character Jason McCann is discovered to be the mastermind of a house bombing and thus enters a stand off with the CSI team. And loses, obviously.

Clearly excited about his on screen death, Bieber tweeted: “Everyone back home make sure to tune into CSI tonight!! Jason McCann is BACK!!”

Er yeah, but not for long eh Biebs?