The Body Farm Axed After One Series

Dead and buried

After one highly unsuccessful outing, the BBC has today confirmed that it will axe Waking The Dead spin-off show, The Body Farm.

A spokesperson told the Radio Times that the forensic crime drama “will not return for a second series”.

The bruised and battered corpse of a TV show was scoring ratings of around 4.3m by the end of its six-part run, a drop of 2m from its debut in September 2011.

The series continued the story of Dr Eve Lockhart, of the original Waking The Dead team, who was later to be found digging around in dirt and maggots on a converted farm. The farm was, in fact, a private pathology facility that conducted scientific research to help solve crimes.

Part produced by Trevor Eve, who also starred in the original show which ran for nine series, The Body Farm was also made by BBC Drama Productions.

These facts do not matter anymore, however, as we will never see decomposed hide nor blood-matted hair of the show again. RIP.