The Crow Gets A New Director

The Crow210For all the squawking that was going on a few months ago when Mark Wahlberg was attached for the titular character, The Crow has been rather dormant of late with director Steven Norrington leaving after “creative differences” with the producers. But just when we thought it was dead and buried, 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has popped up to helm the project.

Fresnadillo will be familiar to those of you who saw 28 Weeks Later (The follow up to 28 Days Later) which was actually pretty good and he’s just wrapped up work on Intruder, a new thriller starring Clive Owen, so he’s touting for his next project.

But Relativity Media are also speaking to Javier Guitterez who directed Spanish sci-fi thriller Before The Fall and is working on several horror projects including House Of Horror and a reworking of The Monkey’s Paw. He’s also got an alien film in the shape of The Greys in the works, so he’s a busy boy but if one of those falls through, he might decide to give The Crow a go.

Frankly, I think any attempt to revive the franchise is a terrible idea. Every sequel (all three of them) has been abominable and there’s a special place in hell reserved for Mark Dacascos’s TV series. Still, the news indicates that Relativity are intent to continue with a “reimagining” of the classic which is sure to make Brandon Lee revolve in his grave like a gothic dynamo.

Mark Wahlberg was an odd choice anyway so who could we see in the lead role? Adam Sandler? James Cordon? Ken Jeong?