The Hangover To Be A Trilogy?

stu210With The Hangover Part IIabout to release over here director Todd Phillips has revealed that he wants the franchise to be a trilogy.

“We always envisioned it as a trilogy,” he said at a press conference for the film, “The third would very much be a finale and an ending. The most I could say about it is that it is not following that template but very much a new idea.”

Much like The Godfather Part II, Phillips Thailand-set follow up is exactly that – a follow up rather than a sequel that follows on from where part one, the highest grossing R-rated comedy Stateside of all time, left off. The debauched, pre-nuptial Vegas debacle now done with, Part II pitches the boys over to Bangkok for the wedding, Stu opting for a safe, quiet and subdued pre-wedding brunch, only for his calamity-avoiding plans to be sullied when they lose his fiancé’s brother, and encounter an extremely annoying monkey.

When asked if he had decided where the third film would take the gang, Phillips offered: “I’m very open, like the Olympic committee, to being pitched and presented cities, Flown around with wine and women and bribed and then I will make my decision.” Just think, a Honeymoon from Hell Part III could be on the cards.