The Hoff Gets BGT Boot

We all knew that something wasn’t quite right with this year’s Britain’s Got Talent and ITV bosses have apparently decided that David Hasselhoff was that something.

Obviously such a conclusion neatly ignores the inconvenient truths that ‘talent’ itself was rather scarce, Amanda Holden is nice but utterly charismaless and some damaging but ultimately false ‘fix’ allegations might also have taken their toll.

New judges Michael McIntyre and Hasselhoff were expected to form a warm and entertaining double act, but after viewing figures fell from last year, BGT execs have been forced to rethink for next year’s offering and it’s the Hoff who’s getting the boot.

He was initially a hit as a ‘novelty’ inclusion on the show, but many fans became slightly frustrated with the ex-Baywatch star’s failure to connect with the British public and British culture.

“David was a great booking at the time. We thought he’d bring loads of laughs and warmth but it didn’t work out. He was fun but had no connection with the acts. The panel lacked sparkle and it was reflected in the acts that went through.” said a source according to New Magazine, before going on to explain that their will be a new line-up in 2012.