The Inbetweeners Movie Set To Smash Records

Following on from its ridiculously successful performance at British cinema box offices, The Inbetweeners Movie could go on to break even more records, this time for its DVD sales.

The film which brought the story of everyone’s four favourite teenagers and their Malia exploits to the big screen, sold 575,104 copies on its first day in stores, and it is expected to go on to sell well over one million in its first week of release. This number is twice the figure that Hangover II sold in its first week, with only Harry Potter exceeding the figure for its Deathly Hallows Parts I and II instalments.

If the massive box office ratings this summer didn’t ensure it, the incredible popularity of the film on DVD must guarantee an inevitable sequel will now follow.

David Root who is the head of distributor 4DVD said: “We are really blown away by this result. It’s a true British success story, from the imagination of a pair of incredibly talented writers in Iain Morris and Damon Beesley and brought to life through some first-rate performances from all the actors but especially the four male leads.â€?

The DVD is said to include a whole host of hilarious extras, including behind the scenes footage, outtakes and interviews with the cast. It’ll be on many a Christmas-list this year.