The Inbetweeners US Remake Trailer Infuriates British Fans

“I registered on YouTube just so I could dislike this..” said one Brit after watching the first trailer from MTV’s remake of hit E4 comedy The Inbetweeners on YouiTube and that was quite a measured response when compared to some of the other bile in the comments section. “What the actual f**k” said another user, while one joker explained that he was surprised not to see Matt Le Blanc starring as Gilbert. Suffice to say, this video seems to have ousted Abu Qatada, Bob Diamond and the rain, to become the most hated thing on this island of ours.

The main problem with *THE TRAILER* (we’ll embed as soon as possible) seems to be that the writers have simply lifted the whole show – names, gags, briefcase and all – and shamelessly Americanised it. We’re not too surprised by this, but actually seeing it kind of makes us want to scratch at our eyes with wire. Writers of the UK series, Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, are credited as executive producers on the show, which comes to American screens on August 20th. We wonder if America will like it more than that Skins remake?*

*They HATED that Skins remake..

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