‘The Killing’ Director comes to UK for Nottingham Based Drama

Birger Larson, director of Danish crime hit The Killing has turned his attention to Nottingham for his new Drama Murder.

The drama will air next month on BBC2 is set and filmed in Nottingham, and revolves around the death of a young woman called Erin, and the subsequent aftermath.

Larson has shot the streets of Nottingham through a red filter, explaining that this was due to it being “the colour of blood.” Commenting on Nottingham’s reputation for violence, he said that “I sensed this hostile vibe. It might just have been me, but there was this mean vibe in the streets. I don’t know why.”

Few details of Murder are available yet, but Erin’s sister and flatmate will be played by new comer Karla Crome, who viewers will be able to see on Misfits later this year.

Fans of Nordic Noir will be pleased to know that Larson hasn’t abandoned his trademark style of lingering suspense, saying; “If you leave the camera there longer, then the audience starts to think and to worry.”

In addition this, the programme will make use of non traditional methods of filming, including mobile phone footage, CCTV, and actors directly addressing the camera, presumably in courtroom scenes. Whether Murder boosts Nottingham’s profile like it did for Sweden post The Killing and Wallander remains to be seen.