Get Some (Jacobean) History! The King & the Playwright Clip..

Watching BBC Four may not inspire you to visit Scandinavia anytime soon, but it is good for your IQ. Fact. Tonight we see a new series about the connection between King James (who famously escaped pioneering terrorist Guy Fawkes) and William Shakespeare, who by all accounts, didn’t achieve much with his life at all. Here’s the pitch from from staff writer over at BBC Towers..

“It’s 1606, and in the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot the authorities are cracking down on Catholics. Shakespeare’s Macbeth captures the anxiety and obsessions of the time, with James continuing to focus on succession and legitimacy, while food riots in the Midlands create the climate for the gripping tragedy of Coriolanus.”

The King & the Playwright starts on BBC4 on Monday 23rd April at 9pm

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