The Newsroom “Isn’t Meant To Be Fox” says Aaron Sorkin. No Shit.

The West Wing creator and writer of The Social Network Aaron Sorkin has offered some details about his upcoming HBO series The Newsroom, which should provide some much needed satire on the subject of news journalism.

Sorkin wanted to clarify that the newsroom in the show is entirely fictional.

“I want to stress that,â€? he explained. “It’s not meant to be MSNBC or Fox or CNN.â€?

He continued, saying that the show will cover real events that have happened in the past and that it might not be to everybody’s taste.

Actor Jeff Daniels, who stars in the series as a cable news network anchor, generously described the way that Sorkin writes dialogue as “very musicalâ€?.

Daniels said: “Aaron’s not the first to do this type of dialog. All the great ones since Shakespeare can write like that.â€?

Emily Mortimer, Jane Fonda, Dev Patel, Olivia Munn, John Gallagher Jr and Allison Pill are also set to appear in the show, which will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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