The One Show Becomes Question Time

Daily BBC One snooze-fest The One Show is not known for its dynamism or Paxman-esque questioning but took a turn for the better when presenter Matt Baker went off-script in an interview with David Cameron.

At the end of a typically casual interview, Baker slipped in a query of his own, delivered with a calm smile that would make Hannibal Lecter proud. “Just very quickly…How on Earth do you sleep at night?â€? he asked the Prime Minister to gasps from his co-presenter Alex Jones.

Cameron, to his credit, answered with the usual political nonsense, babbling about the importance of a good night’s sleep – presumably because the truth, that he sleeps upside down covering himself with his wings, would have been too shocking for the nation.

OTB enjoys this new tactic from The One Show, as slipping in one aggressive question in the midst of an otherwise-tranquil interview might catch a lot of guests off-guard. Bring on the tears…