The Only Way Is A Pay Rise For Furious TOWIE stars

Reem rebel: Joey Essex

Stars of The Only Way Is Essex were left positively furious after finding themselves bound in to contracts which forced them to hand over a percentage of their earnings after quitting the show.

Bad news for Joey Essex’s orange Ugg boot-buying habits.

But in a bid to avoid any rebellions (scripted or otherwise) over the contractual cock-up, TOWIE’s wily producers have upped the cast’s daily pay from £50 to £80 according to reports by The Sun.

The pay is so lowly because cast members are able to cash in on the show’s success out of hours, using magazine deals and TV appearances to bolster their bank balance. Producers argue that on quitting the show, some of this cash should come their way.

In previous series, cast members had the option not to sign the contract which promised a cut of future earnings to the TOWIE top dogs – Joey Essex and Lauren Goodger were amongst the rebels – but this year they are obliged to sign if they want to appear. The show returned for its fifth series on ITV2 on Sunday and raked in over 1.3 million viewers – proving its enduring popularity with viewers and prompting cast members to get a bit bolshy.

Speaking of the pay discrepancy a source told The Sun: “A lot of the stars were furious and threatened a walkout which would have sent the show into chaos. Many went to seek legal advice,”

Thanks to the furore, bosses have already reduced the length of time which cast members must relinquish 15% of earnings from six months to four. That’s presuming these TOWIE escapees manage to cling onto fame for more than their allocated 15 minutes.