‘The Ricky Gervais Show’ To Return In May!

Fans of Ricky Gervais in his hilarious animated form will be pleased to hear that The Ricky Gervais Show will return for a third series on E4 in May.

Silly sidekicks Stephen Marchant and Karl Pilkington will also return when the 13 episode run begins next month.

The series – based on the trio’s long-running podcasts – will also feature some previously unheard audio, according to Mr Gervais.

He said: “Karl is not only my best friend but also my gift to the world. This is my favourite series so far and it even features some previously unheard audio.”

Channel 4’s Head of Comedy Shane Allen added: “A very welcome return to E4 of these comedy masters. Their flights of fancy and infectious banter are a joy as Stephen and Ricky delve into the inner workings of Karl Pilkington’s oddly wired brain”.

Tomorrow night will see Karl Pilkington appear in his first dramatic role opposite Gervais in one-off comedy Derek, (Channel 4, 10pm). The pair have also previously worked together on travel series Idiot Abroad and will soon start work on The Short Way Round, which will see Karl cycle round the world with Warwick Davis in his bike basket.

They evidently enjoy working together, and Ricky now has a few Hollywood numbers under his belt. So would he consider gifting Karl a lead role in his very own big screen adventure?

Speaking at the launch of Derek, Gervais said: “If it was about a little bald Manc twat who said stupid fucking things, he stands a hell of a chance.â€?

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