The Rock Set To Improve The Lore

The Rock makes everything better: fact. Now he’s set to improve Lore, an adaptation of Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise’s comic book. Pitched as ‘Men In Black with monsters’, Johnson will play a member of the Shepherds, a secret organisation dedicated to keeping all sorts of mythological creatures under lock and key.

It attracted quite a bidding war as four studios decided that myth and legend and comic book adaptations were worth scrapping over. Warners have emerged victorious, so they’ll be the ones cradling the manuscript to their sweaty bosom in tear-stained joy.

Sounds good right? Well, uh, Priest scribe Cory Goodman is working on it and he managed to stuff up that adaptation good and proper, so don’t go holding your breath just yet. Either way, The Rock’s in it, so it’ll be better than it would have been otherwise.