The Trip To Get US Remake?

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s deliciously funny, The Trip, may be making its own journey across the Atlantic.

Producers are currently in talks about a US remake a la Ricky Gervais’ The Office, which has taken on star-spangled life of its own.

And fear not funny fans, the yanks are getting all the breaks. Revolution Films also said that the comedy, which featured the two comedians visiting restaurants in Northern England, may also return next year for a second series based in Italy.

Speaking to Screen International, producer Andrew Eaton said: “We’re curious of the idea of an American version of The Trip, which we’re talking to a few people about for American TV.

“The way to do it if you wanted to open it up for a wider audience in America is to do it with American comedians.

“It could be fun. If you got the right people it’s an interesting format – you could try it anywhere really.”

Now listen here Eaton, it might be an “interesting formatâ€? but we would like to see which American comedians could share the same awkwardly competitive on-screen dynamic as Coogan and Brydon.

And who on earth would be able to do “small man in a boxâ€??