The Unusual Suspects: Corrie Line-Up Released

This is the line-up for the murder of Corrie rapist, Frank Foster.

Take your time, look carefully at all the suspects and just let us know if you see anything that you recognise…anything at all.

Perhaps Sally Webster’s tweed jacket rings a bell? Or Carla’s aggressive stance?

These are the five Coronation Street characters who would all have a jolly good reason to want Foster dead. But who is the killer?

Sallie was found with blood on her hands at the crime scene – case closed? Perhaps Carla and no-good lover Peter Barlow have had enough of Foster interfering with their newfound love?

Even Kevin Webster is in the frame! We know his temper can cause some damage. He spent some time inside after a furious attack on John Stape; Perhaps he just couldn’t stand the idea of Sallie’s new lover.

Surely Michelle is in the clear? Doesn’t she have a rock solid alibi? An insider told the TV Times: “There’s a big twist in the story and Michelle suddenly becomes much more of a suspect than people may initially think. She’s acting very strangely, and her friends start to pick up on that.â€?

We really can trust no-one.

So who do you think is the CORRIE KILLER?