The Voice Loses One Million Viewers & Two Favourites

Cheryl Cole (we’re not convinced that she deserves to join the group of elite female artists who use only their forename just yet) was supposed to help save The Voice from flagging ratings this weekend, but in the end audiences dived just like she did at the start of her performance. Ahh symbolism, how we love thee.

But viewers weren’t the only thing that the Beeb lost, as two of the artists most fancied to go all the way were booted out.

Jaz Ellington made way for Tyler in Will’s group and Ruth was outperformed by Leanne in Tom’s group. Both were close calls, but with Leanne putting in the performance of the night on Saturday, it would have been harsh if she’d gone.

BBC bosses will be more concerned by the fact that only 5.1 million people watched the live show on Saturday night, which is over a million down on last week and more than six million down on the show’s highest audience of 11.8 million last month.

The fine British weather was obviously a big factor in the show’s slump this weekend but it doesn’t explain the trend of recent weeks. BBC bosses have called for the judges to get more nasty and some have said the early start times haven’t helped, yet The Voice was expected to regain viewers once BGT finished.

“There is no beating around the bush here,” said a source who certainly wasn’t shy. “The Voice ratings are a dire embarrassment. Obviously the weather has played a big part, but the truth is fans just haven’t connected with the judges or the acts. Whoever wins the show probably won’t even have a career.â€?

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