The Voice Needs To Be “More Exciting” Says Show Creator

The Voice was mocked by Simon Cowell when he suggested it should be on the radio recently and it’s been dealt another blow today, this time from the inside, when creator John De Mol told The Radio Times that changes needed to be implemented in order to “make it more exciting.â€?

“We’ll have a meeting with the BBC to come up with some new ideas to make the live shows more exciting,” he added.

“The role of the coaches can be bigger. In the semi-final, the coaches were just watching the talent perform. They had no influence. That’s something we should change. On Saturday, it was 100 per cent up to the audience.â€?

The Voice, whose judges include Jessie J, dope-loving Black Eyed Peas front man, over-sexed Welshman Tom Jones, and Danny O’Donoghue, who is best described in his wikipedia entry as the “main person from the band The Scriptâ€?, has been marred by low ratings recently after a very positive start.

With the final episode airing at 7.20pm this Saturday on BBC 1, and the judges yet to renew their contract, the fate of the BBC’s flagship record label tie in looks decidedly uneasy. None of the judges have yet to comment, although it is expected that will deliver his statement in a perfect synthetic D minor.

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