The Voice Reject Takes To Twitter For “Ageist” Rant


The Voice UK has become embroiled in its first public spat with evicted contestant taking to Twitter to blast the “ageistâ€? show.

J Marie Cooper was evicted from the show on Saturday night, losing out to 17-year-old Sophie Griffin in their “battleâ€? round.

Mentor picked fresh-faced Sophie after the pair warbled it out, suggesting that there wasn’t much more room for Cooper to grow as an artist. “The fact that I am 27 should not have even been a factorâ€?, the singer raged. “It’s called ‘The Voice’ not ‘The Age’. I’m stating facts here.â€?

“So the whole ‘she’s so experienced’ thing is a bit much. I am but don’t think that should be a reason not to go through.

“I am gutted… I wanted to do the live shows. Feel the decision could have been based more on my voice.

“There was a lot cut from my final edit of The Voice, including any emotion or story I might have had.

But it’s no good checking her Twitter account for evidence of the aforementioned tweets this morning – just a few hours after posting, they vanished…The BBC has denied asking Cooper to delete the tweets.

A Beeb statement commenting on the incident reads: “All coaches’ decisions on who to take through to the live shows were made on the battle performances alone.

“Any suggestion otherwise is categorically untrue.â€?

With question marks already dangling above the BBC show’s ability to play fair in the ratings war battleground – the show overran by three minutes allegedly depriving Britain’s Got Talent of crucial viewers – audience loyalty will be tested this weekend.

On Saturday night The Voice pulled in 11.6million TV viewers compared with BGT’s peak of 10.6million. And on Sunday night it scored another huge number with 11.4million fans returning for the second round of battles.

Despite her bad experience on the show, Cooper admitted that the show still provided her with an important opportunity: “I have a lot of love for all of the contestants on The Voice and I still support the show. But I’m real and always gonna tell it like it is.”

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