“The Voice Will Be Better Than Cheesy X Factor” Says Reggie

Little Mix evidently ‘smashed it’ last night; they also ‘nailed it’, ‘owned that stage’, and probably fulfilled every other cliché we’ve become used to hearing on this series of X Factor.

The host of rival show The Voice – set to grace our screens next year – has promised there’ll be no cheesy comebacks such as the on the new ‘credible’ BBC offering.

Reggie Yates spoke of the difference between the two reality shows: “The Voice is more to do with finding musical talent rather than pop stars. We want credible people and they’ll be getting constructive criticism, not catchphrases. It’s about time there was a cool, credible show like thisâ€? he said. Ouch!

The Voice, which sees contestants judged solely on their (yep, you guessed it) vocal abilities alone, was a huge hit when it aired in the states last year. Instead of the usual audition process, there is initially a ‘blind’ audition whereby acts are chosen by their mentors after a minute of singing.

Holly Willoughby is set to present alongside Reggie Yates. As well as Jessie J, the other judges have been named as Will.I.am, Tom Jones and Danny O Donoghue of The Script.

The line-up already appears a tad more credible than the X Factor, but that’s not too hard with the likes of Tulisa and Louis!