Thomas Horn To Climb Joe’s Mountain…And Blast Into Space

The Extremely Odd And Incredibly Annoying star of Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, Thomas Horn, is making the most of his first encounter with the Hollywood A list.

Horn is now due to appear in Space Warriors and Joe’s Mountain. reports that the former film is “about five kids who win coveted spots at NASA’s space camp and spring into action when something goes wrong aboard a space station”.

Sean McNamara is directing the film, which actually appears to be little more than an updated version of Space Camp (1986).

Joes’ Mountain, on the other hand, will see Horn play a kid with rubbish lungs who is taken to a magic healing lake by Kris Kristofferson. KK has already been cured of cancer by the miraculous water, you see.

Not bad going for a kid who just turned 14.