Tim Burton Leaves Maleficent


Tim Burton has jumped ship from the forthcoming Disney production Maleficent, the new take on one of Disney’s biggest baddest villains.

The studio were looking to use Burton to bring Linda Woolverton’s script to life (she’s worked with Burton previous on Alice In Wonderland) which has been pitched to Angelina Jolie as the foul-minded sorceress who torments Sleeping Beauty.

With Burton gone, Disney are now looking around for a director to take his place and according the Heat Vision Blog, the prime candidate is Harry Potter‘s very own David Yates, who certainly has experience tossing magic spells around a set. But will he want to commit to more spells after the still-warm rubble of Hogwarts is still cooling in the wings.

Burton meanwhile will still have his hands full of vampire flick Dark Shadows as well as his feature length version of his short film Frankenweenie.