Tina O’Brien & Nikki Sanderson Head Back To Corrie

Just as Coronation Street was about to be beset by a dire shortage of young female talent, Nikki Sanderson and Tina O’Brien arrive to save the day.

Helen Flanagan, Sacha Parkinson and Katherine Kelly are all set to depart from Weatherfield in the coming months, leaving a dearth of young actresses on the street.

But Sarah-Louise Plait, along with Bethany (who is probably 40-odd by now) and bezzy mate, Candice Stowe, are due to return and cause mayhem.

Sarah-Lou left in 2007 for sunnier climes in Italy after her no-good husband went gay on her. While Candice left the street in 2006, when an outrageous plot twist saw her take to the road as Status Quo’s personal hairdresser. Suuure.
Producer Phil Collinson has apparently not yet made any firm offers but an ‘insider’ told the Daily Star: ‘He’s aware that Sarah-Lou and Candice were hugely popular characters.

“He thinks it would be a ratings winner to bring them back. Losing Katherine and Helen is a big blow to the show so Phil wants to beef things up a bit with the return of a couple of big names.

“He hasn’t even spoken to them about returning yet because he wants to go in armed with a big deal that they can’t say no to.â€?

Blimey, it will have to be an impressive deal that lures O’Brien away from her occasional panto appearances and Sanderson away from her…err…house?