Titchmarsh Demands More ‘Sexed Up’ Gardening On TV

Titchmarsh's attempts to 'sex up' gardening attracted some criticism..
Titchmarsh's attempts to 'sex up' gardening attracted some criticism..
Green-fingered vegetable Alan Titchmarsh really has had his soap box out this weekend. First he branded reality television ‘puerile’ and he then went on to suggest that there should be more gardening on British television and that the content may need ‘sexing up’ alá Top Gear..

In rather absurd fashion, the former Ground Force presenter used the announcement of his new gardening show on ITV1 to bemoan the decline in gardening television programmes in recent years. His new show – which does not yet have a name – will be the channel’s first mainstream gardening show.

“I think we could do with more gardening on TV,” he told The Sun. “I’m a great believer that gardening can offer everybody something and it can’t be overestimated. To some it seems quite frivolous but gardens make up millions of acres and are little nature reserves in their own rights and are very important – as is communicating gardening skills.”

“When Ground Force and Home Front In The Garden were on in the late ’90s and early 2000s we had more gardening, and it has subsided somewhat,” he droned, before saying that he hoped the new show would still allow him time to watch Gardener’s World. “I would be sad if it were on during GW. I think it’s going to be before it. I don’t think it would be pitched directly against it, I don’t see it as competition to Gardeners’ World, I see it as a complement to it.

“I think what people want more out of gardening, and this also goes for MasterChef and Top Gear, is clarity of information,” he continued. “Sex it up all you want. The key is giving reliable information in an accessible way.”