Tom Lipinski For Ivan Reitman’s Labor Day

Tom Lipinski, fresh from his success on TV’s Suits is in talks to star as a young version of Josh Brolin in the forthcoming Ivan Reitman film Labor Day.

Adapted from Joyce Maynard’s novel of the same name, it follows the story of escaped convict Frank Chambers (Brolin) as he finds refuge with a depressed divorced mother (Kate Winslet) when she and her 13-year old son discover him bleeding in a car park begging for help.

Lipinski is in talks to play the young version of Brolin, returning from Vietnam to marry his teen sweetheart and finding out that she’s changed from the girl he left behind.  It’s a big role for Lipinski, who’s mostly worked in TV thus far and he certainly looks a quite a bit like a young Brolin.  We’ll know for certain when it wraps but for now Reitman is planning to shoot in the summer.