Tony Danza To Play JGL’s Dad

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s still-untitled dark comedy directorial debut gearing up for production, he’s added a blast from the past to the line-up. Tony Danza, with whom he stared in Angels In The Outfield way back in 1994 is set to play his dad, a man more interested in watching sport than paying any attention to his family.

The plot sees JGL as a porn-addiction ladies’ man who sets out to become a better person. If Gordon-Levitt isn’t enough to get you excited, it’ll also star Scarlett Johansson as his gorgeous girlfriend and Julianne Moore as his mother.

Danza’s more well-known for his work on the small screen including Who’s The Boss and Taxi, though he’s got quite a few movies to his name too, including Crash and uh, Cannonball Run II