Tony Scott To Have Lucky Strike With Vince Vaughn?

Tony Scott is looking to recuit Vince Vaughn as the star of his next action thriller Lucky Strike according to Deadline. That’d be an odd move for Vaughn as he’s been wearing a comfortable groove in romantic comedies like The Break-Up and Couples Retreat.  Frankly, anything that keeps him away from Adam Sandler can only be a good thing.

Anyway, Lucky Strike is an action film written by Henry Bean  which sees a DEA agent teaming up with a drug runner to take down the local cartel.  It’s been something that Scott’s had in mind for quite some times but now it looks like it’s finally gaining some traction.

That’s not the only project vying for his attention though – there’s Scott Frank’s Hell’s Angels and also a forthcoming remake of Walter Hill’s The Warriors,  not to mentionTop Gun 2, Potsdamer Platz, Nemesis and a Chippendales drama.

Anyway, Lucky Strike is still in development with all those others but it’s been moved nearer the top of the list.  If it does happen, it’s likely to kick off shooting in late summer – plenty of time for Vince Vaughn to kick his cruel and terrible addiction to doughnuts.