Torchwood: More Miracle Day Details

*Slight Spoiler Alert*

Russell T Davies has revealed further details about what viewers can expect in the upcoming fourth series of Torchwood landing on BBC One later this summer.

In an unusually candid interview, the writer of the sci-fi series has revealed crucial plot details of Miracle Day, stating that Captain Jack, the invincible superhero-like character played by John Barrowman, will be rendered mortal for the ten part series, and could even die.

Since being resurrected in a 2005 episode of parent series Doctor Who, Captain Jack has been unable to perish, but Davies is set to change all that by turning the tables on the characters handy bulletproof condition, with the rest of planet earth becoming immortal in his place.

Speaking about the upcoming series, Davies said: “The greatest thing you can do is offer a new look into the character. It’s not fundamentally altering the character, it’s fundamentally altering the rules [while] the character stays the same.”

“Everyone else is immortal, [and] he’s mortal,” explained the writer. “It’s the biggest switch in the show, which we did in order to give us new insights into Jack.”

Asked whether or not this new fragility means that Captain Jack could die, Davies said “The stakes are that high,” also stating that “it’s very hard to prove he’s mortal without killing him, so that’s going to be interesting.”