TOWIE Star To Become ‘The Bachelor’

Essex appears not to be the only way for TOWIE’s, Kirk Norcross.

Rumours are abound that he will be leaving the constructed reality show for an appearance in Channel 5’s The Bachelor.

Kirk, 23, will follow in the footsteps of rugby star Gavin Henson by appearing on the show which sees a group of women vying to become the male lead’s girlfriend….or perhaps even wife.

An inside source told the Daily Star: “Kirk has been approached to join The Bachelor on Channel 5. He’s jumping at the chance to leave TOWIE and do something more dynamic.

“He has an eye for the ladies and has been saying for a while it’s time to find a nice girl and settle down. Kirk’s been really successful with regard to money and business ventures, but has yet to find the perfect lady. After seeing how much fun Gavin had on the last series of The Bachelor, Kirk’s well up for it.â€?

Kirk has spoken many times about wanting to settle down with “the oneâ€?. But with chat-up moves which include smashing an ice cube to “break the iceâ€?, its no wonder that he has so far been unsuccessful.

Kirk’s “top dadâ€? offers his invaluable dating advice below in a tender father-son exchange captured below:

The blue-eyed bobby dazzler is the latest in a long line of TOWIE cast members to shed his shackles, pack a knapsack and dance off into TV land headed for Fortuneville via Fameshire.

Amy Childs is due to launch, All About Amy, next month; the new reality show will follow the flame-haired lovely’s attempts to run her own new salon in Brentwood, Essex. Where else?

Meanwhile, action man Mark Wright continues to struggle on in the depths of the Australian jungle. His stint on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, will no doubt secure his place in the hearts of the nation, with his endearingly dim-witted personality having now secured him as bookie’s favourite to win.

We can’t wait to see what will come next. Weight loss DVDs with Arg? Or perhaps Nanna Pat as a TV chef?