TOWIE Stars Opt For The Simple Life

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton probably thought they were safe from anyone copying their Simple Life format.

Could there really be anyone more “simpleâ€? to take on everyday tasks and fail so spectacularly?

Well, as we have all learned of late – The Only Way Is Essex.

Former stars of the scripted reality show, Harry Derbridge and Amy Childs, are reportedly remaking the U.S. reality show and have already been snapped working at a pizza chain.

The cousins’ new Channel 5 format will see them try their hand at a variety of different careers and tackle everyday challenges, as Hilton and Richie did previously.

When the images appeared, Childs teased her almost 1 million Twitter followers, saying: “busy day today with @MrHarryDerbidge all I’m gonna say is we can’t wait to tell you what were doing #allwillberevealvedsoon (sic).”

Beauty therapist and jewellery designer, Derbidge, then added to the buzz: “On way to the new project with @MissAmyChilds #allwillberevealved.”

A source has already blabbed a few juicy details to The Sun, saying: “The show will be just like The Simple Life but, dare I say it, even more ridiculous.

“Amy and Harry are not exactly known for their ability to do everyday tasks so it’s a car crash waiting to happen.

“In fairness, they are quite funny as a duo and bosses are hoping their daft chemistry will keep people entertained.”

Earlier this month, Childs denied rumours that she would be making a return to TOWIE. Despite receiving a significant showbiz leg-up from the show, the Billericay babe was is doing pretty well on her tod. She was recently named the second richest British TV face in a survey by OK magazine having raked in £2.75 million last year and has already ventured into a solo reality project with All About Amy.