Transformers 3 Smashes Box Office Records

transformers210“The longest queue is never outside the best restaurant”. True true. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has bludgeoned its way into the record books as the biggest 4th of July opener of all time grossing $116.4 million and eclipsing the previous record held by Spider-Man 2 ($115.8 million).

Worldwide Dark Of The Moon had made $217 million by Sunday, Paramount’s best international launch ever, and 55% ahead of the previous instalment Revenge of the Fallen. That makes it the third best worldwide debut of all time. This is largely due to the the heavy markering which Paramount invested in the 3d element – 60% of grosses in the US came from 3D theatres and overseas this was even greater at 70%.

Dark Of The Moon was also the biggest opener even in seven countries including Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Peru.