Tricked Gets A Second Series


Following the success of Tricked in 2013, ITV2 has commissioned ITV Studios to make a second series of the magic show with a difference.

Magician Ben Hanlin will be conjuring up mischief once again as he tricks more unsuspecting members of the public and celebrities, with his own special brand of hidden camera magic.

This time, Ben will be pulling bigger, more elaborate setups on members of the public – like helping a bride trick her entire wedding party by ruining her own wedding – or helping someone get revenge on a mate by convincing them they’ve won a Ferrari – and then transforming it back into their own rusty old banger.

He’ll also be using sleight of hand to fool Joe public as he poses as a pretend barman, shopkeeper or market stallholder. Ben always serves the unwary with a smile – and a cheeky trick.

During the last series Ben tricked boy band Blue into thinking band mate Simon Webbe had fallen off a cliff, made Helen Flanagan believe she had seen a ghost, Rylan Clark thought he was stuck in a lift and Stacey Solomon was convinced she was in a cage with a live gorilla. Ben will be back undercover tricking a whole host of new celebrities.