True Blood: Alexander Skarsgard’s Shirt-Lifting Days Are Over

Put it away Alexander

Neck-nibbling True Blood star, Alexander Skarsgard, has said he is happy to disappoint fans by keeping his shirt ON in future roles.

Speaking to the Metro about his new role in summer blockbuster, Battleship, he said: “I keep my clothes on.

“If you do a show that gets a lot of attention, you can get type-cast but, as an actor, I want new challenges. When I’m not on True Blood, I want to do different characters. If not, I won’t learn.â€?

Skarsgard – who plays 1, 000-year-old Eric Northam in the popular TV franchise – spoke fondly of his work on the show which shot him to fame with TV audiences in 2008.

“It’s opened many doors. It’s not like I only get sent similar roles and it’s up to you as an actor to decise what to do with those opportunities.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without True Blood.â€?

So what’s coming up for Skarsgard?

“We’re in the middle of shooting season five of True Blood, then I don’t know. I’m looking for projects for the summer.”