True Blood Voted ‘Best Box Set Ever’ In RT Poll

If you’re anything like us then you’ve lost weekends to box sets in the past. Yet we doubt that you’ve spent half an hour debating whether the correct term is ‘box set or ‘boxed set’. Yes, we are a sad bunch at OTB Towers.

Our friends over at The Radio Times are also connoisseurs of television series in multi-disc form and have polled thousands of their readers to find out their favourites, and the results aren’t as predictable as you might think..

American supernatural series True Blood came top of the poll, beating 24 and Blackadder into second and third places respectively. If that causes a raised eyebrow, wait until you hear that Miss Marple beat The Sopranos and The Big Bang Theory beat Mad Men?! What do you mean you loved those shows? Oh..

Here’s the Radio Times’ list in full..


1. True Blood
2. 24
3. Blackadder
4. Doctor Who – Series 1-4 (Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant)
5. The West Wing
6. Friends
7. Agatha Christie’s Marple
8. Fawlty Towers
9. The Wire
10. The Sopranos
11. Inspector Morse
12. Band of Brothers
13. Dexter
14. Sex and the City
15. Life On Mars
16=. Buffy / House
18. Lost
19. Pride and Prejudice
20. Spooks
21. The Big Bang Theory
22. Battlestar Gallactica
23. Grey’s Anatomy
24. Mad Men
25=. Being Human / Blue Planet / X-Files
28. The Simpsons
29. Frasier
30. Yes Minister