Tulisa Denies Exploiting ‘Aggressive’ X Factor Auditionee

Saturday night’s opening episode of X Factor is a bit special. There are some memorable performances, yet Welsh hopeful Zoe Alexander will also make headlines for the way she threw a tantrum after being rejected by judges.

The Pink tribute act has claimed that ITV producers set her up for a fall in a bid to create spectacular TV and “made her out to be this girl with a bad attitude” but when asked if she felt that the show was exploitative, Tulisa claimed that people can get carried away with contestant after-care.

“I thought she seemed quite a strong character from the level of aggression she was giving off,” said the former N-Dubz singer at the show launch.

“At the end of the day there is always going to be the odd person that throws this massive hissy fit and everyone goes ‘Oh my God’ and there are thousands of people over the years who have auditioned and just because this one person can’t control their temper, throws a bit of a fit, I dont think it’s a reason for everyone to go ‘Oh my God, you’ve got to think about their emotions’.”

“That was one person, that’s her with her own issues and she chose to bring those issues to the stage.”